Window Cleaning in London


Windows shape how you see the world from your house or workplace. They can be your rose-tinted glasses, if cleaned right, and that's something everyone deserves to experience. Improve how you see the world and how the world sees your property, office or product display. Cleaner windows create respect and trust, which is why you need a reliable, window cleaning service provider to take care of your windows.

Window Cleaning London has narrowly specialised in delivering exquisite window cleaning as an independent service. Regardless of height, size and position, you can be sure your windows will gleam spotless. You receive a thorough cleaning session through advanced eco-friendly detergents, which allow in-depth cleaning targeted at lime scale, old stains and grime. A combination of honed skills and professional tools allow for even the hardest to reach window on your property to receive a complete treatment in an efficient manner. Your time is as valued as our cleaning standards.

If you're new to having your windows cleaned professionally, please refer to our list of Window Cleaning London services:

For further comfort, you can rely on punctuality and professionalism. Our window cleaners are dispensed at key locations throughout London, which shortens arrival times significantly. What this means is you can easily book a same-day service, if you call early on in the day, and always expect your scheduled window cleaning team to be on time. Furthermore, you have the ultimate say as to what our cleaning technicians will perform on your property. This affects and how your fee will be determined, so you pay for only what you receive.

Why choose us?

  • We use purified water to clean your windows, which leaves no stains and even prevents dust from building up after we've cleaned them.
  • Using a water-fed pole system allows us to clean windows, skylights and conservatories from the ground. No clumsy climbing equipment is used, eliminating the risk of damage to the exterior of your property. This method is far safer, far quicker and far more effective.
  • Water-fed pole systems allow windows to be cleaned by taking off dirt with a soft bristled brush while at the same time rinsing off the dirt with pure water. The window is then left to dry and streak-free.

Call us now on 020 3404 2254. Your inquiries go through our support staff, which works 24/7. You can schedule a service on any date as our window cleaners operate during the weekends, big holidays and bank holidays. For further contact, please use our additional online booking form to come in contact with our staff.

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